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Journalism Has Entered A Golden Age by HENRY BLODGET

August 14, 2013


CNN host Brian Stelter was kind enough to have me on his show, “Reliable Sources,” over the weekend. In response to one question, I said that journalism has entered a “golden age.”   Judging from the Twitter reaction, many of Brian’s viewers agreed. One viewer, however, a former print journalist, called this assertion “absurd.” It’s […]

Infographic: Social Media Battle of the Sexes

April 27, 2013


Many adults have given into the social media temptation and have signed up for Facebook or created a Twitter account. But not all men and women agree on where to spend their online time. In a battle of the social sexes, there is no real victor, but the scales tip slightly in favor of women […]

Are We In A Subscription Bubble? by EZRA GALSTON

March 10, 2013


It seems like nearly every tech business has sought to employ a subscription model for its services. While that makes sense from a business perspective, I wanted to investigate any effects of subscription fatigue on consumer commerce – questions such as whether a service like Dropbox might be on the chopping block if consumers’ wallets […]

The new economics of media: If you want free content, there’s an almost infinite supply by Mathew Ingram

March 7, 2013


SUMMARY: Freelance writer Nate Thayer touched off a debate this week about media outlets wanting to publish content for free — but the reality is that the economics of content have changed forever, and the supply of free content is almost infinite.

The state of cross-platform measurement across TV, online, and social

February 22, 2013


SUMMARY: Today brand advertisers must go to great lengths to find their audiences. Thus, brand advertising’s focus on cross-platform media measurement has grown dramatically in the past five years. But the ecosystem, which this report examines from a broad perspective, struggles to solve the correlation between the two media-viewing behemoths, TV and online. Within the next […]

Digital media needs to cast a wider revenue net Digital media needs to cast a wider revenue net Online publishers should be savvy with how they intend to tap revenues and not rely on subscriptions alone By Douglas Okasaki, Designer

January 3, 2013


Dubai: For digital media owners the question persists — should or shouldn’t they be charging for the content? But they inevitably come up short against this response — Why should a consumer pay for something he can get for free? But truth is monetising digital content is laden with grey areas. Revenue from online resources […]

La edición digital de “The Economist” se dispara

November 21, 2012


“The Economist” ha confirmado recientemente la descarga  de más de 3 millones de aplicaciones para iOS y Android, lo que ha supuesto un 6% más en los beneficios del primer semestre de 2011 -en torno a los 26,2 millones de libras-. El número de visitas ha aumentado un 45%, hasta los 7 millones, desde Septiembre de […]

The future of television comes down to one word: More, by Eric Deggans

August 13, 2012


When I headed to Los Angeles for the twice-annual TV Critics press tour, my bosses sent me West with a simple question: What’s the future of television? After nearly two weeks of quizzing producers, big name stars, industry executives and my fellow critics, I found the answer in a single word. More. More series. More […]

YouTube Video Shows iPhone Users How to Download Paid Content Without Paying

July 18, 2012


A Russian software developer recently posted a video on YouTube showing iPhone users how they can buy products within an app, like a magazine issue, without paying. Apple swiftly responded, getting YouTube to pull the video (I’ve embeded it below, where you’ll only see static and a notification of the take-down). But as The New […]

USA Today launches internet video guide

July 18, 2012


Marking one of the first moves under new digitally focused president and publisher Larry Kramer, USA Today will now begin publishing a daily guide to help its readers navigate the tangled web of internet video.“TV on the Web” will appear as a daily online and print listing of what  editors and reporters at the Gannett-owned […]

3 Lessons in Streaming Television Shows Online

July 2, 2012


As tablets become the favored device for printed word, Internet-enabled devices like computers and gaming consoles are becoming the preferred method for watching video and live television. But the formula for delivery still has some bugs to work out. Here are some recent innovations that you may want to consider when rolling out video content […]

STATE OF THE NEWS 2012: The age of mobile

June 23, 2012


  Overview By Amy Mitchell  and Tom Rosenstiel of PEJ In 2011, the digital revolution entered a new era. The age of mobile, in which people are connected to the web wherever they are, arrived in earnest. More than four in ten American adults now own a smartphone. One in five owns a tablet. New […]