Ritz-Carlton dedicated to digital marketing in new campaign

Posted on September 19, 2011


19 September 2011

Ritz-Carlton dedicated to digital marketing in new campaign

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel is repositioning its brand with a $10m advertising campaign featuring direct mail, email, social media and banner ads.

The Marriott-owned hotel chain has partnered with Los Angeles-based agency Team One in an attempt to reinvent itself.

Direct mail and email messages are being distributed, promoting its new tagline ‘Let us stay with you,’ replacing the old ‘It’s our pleasure’ slogan. The chain will maintain its lion and crown logo but will drop the silver tray and white gloved-hand visual.

More than $5m of the budget is dedicated to digital; it is the first time in the chain’s history that it will spend more on digital than print. Social media aspects have been handled by Pandemic Labs, while RareMedium has managed the launch of the website.

Banner ads will appear across various websites, including Vanityfair.com, Wallstreetjournalchina.com, FT.com and NewYorker.com, while print ads will appear in publications Travel & Leisure, Conde Nast Traveler and Vogue China.

The new positioning has been designed to be more inclusive of non-affluent customers, said Ritz-Carlton senior corporate director of PR, Allison Stitch “If we were to market as one of the mass prestige luxury products, then we are taking away the aspirational essence of who we are. It’s important we communicate in a way that maintains the aspirational essence, despite having consumers that buy a candle on our website and consumers that buy a multimillion dollar condo to live with us.”