New Hulu Competitor Launches: Using as Paid Content Back-end

Posted on November 7, 2011


TumTiki, self-described as the “biggest collection of TV movies & more on the web” launched this morning. The site looks like a copycat, thumbnails of TV shows and movies you can click to play. Many are free, which the corporate owner, telecom giant Frontier Communications, hopes will drive traffic and ad revenue. But, visitors can also pay to rent or buy recent movies such as 2011’s ‘The Adjustment Bureau’.

The main difference vs Hulu is that all of TumTiki’s premium content sales are run through We presume Frontier has negotiated a much larger cut of the resulting income than Amazon’s normal 7-8% affiliate commission structure.

One other difference between TumTiki and almost every other major site we know of (not to mention Fortune 500 companies), the site’s ‘about us’ page boasts a “100% U.S.-based

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