As Many as 60% of Membership Sites & Subscription Sites Aren’t Tracking Mobile Useage… Yet

Posted on November 21, 2011


According to Omniture data (click here for chart)’s mobile viewer pageviews for just one sample evening in September rocketed far beyond PC-user pageviews. It’s just one more example of what many publishers we know are calling “hockey stick growth” on the mobile viewing front.

Despite this industry-wide trend, roughly 30-60% of online subscription and membership site publishers are not yet actively tracking mobile users. The percent varies depending on which niche you’re in; for example, 28% of dating sites don’t track mobile users actively, while 46% of matchmaking sites neglect this.

By “active tracking” we mean the site’s executives track mobile usage. The fact is, if you have basic Web analytics installed (and who doesn’t), then you can look up mobile stats for your traffic. The problem isn’t with the tracking mechanisms, it’s with management. If you don’t ask for reports and/or you don’t look at these reports regularly, then it doesn’t matter what numbers your analytics program is collecting.

So, now maybe it’s worth asking your Web team to zap you a report on this at least once a month… preferably tracking month-over-month or quarter-over-quarter changes so you can spot when your own site’s mobile users get some of that hockey-stick action going on.

Posted by Anne Holland

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