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Posted on February 26, 2012


Change is perhaps the most constant factor in our lives. At Times of Oman, we believe in evolving constantly, and not just changing. Keeping this motto in perspective, you’ll find that today’s edition marks some innovative changes — there is a content overhaul; there are new elements; there is more colour to the presentation of news… all keeping in mind why we continue to be perceived as one of the most reader-friendly newspapers in the region, and at the global level as well.

Now, coming back to the changes being introduced from today to celebrate the 37th birthday of Times of Oman, it’s about innovatively restructuring the editorial content.

Local in first section

The local news now comes in the first section (Section A). The first five pages will be bringing to you, starting today, the most comprehensive and meticulous coverage of local news happening in one solid block.

Commentary centre-spread now

The Commentary page now becomes a centre-spread with quite a few innovative changes to its look and feel, apart from, of course, focusing on commentary on issues that touch the readers of this part of the world the most. Apart from this, we are further sprucing up our regional coverage in the Commentary page. The Business section will now have eight pages with a greater ater emphasis on regional news as well ell as several added features like regular gular and indepth interviews of the e local and regional business satraps. aps. Our Sports section, with additional two pages, now becomes a section opener and the action, quite simply, ly, becomes bolder with bigger pictures and glitzier er action. Readers with a special pecial interest in the Sports section, we believe, will find all l the more reasons to love their heir favourite newspaper like ike they have always done in the he past.

We want to assure you, dear readers, that you will be the ultimate winner in our scheme of things. We want to stand by you, side by side, taking inspiration from you. ou. We are very positive that we are aware ware of your pulse, pulse e, and will constantly keep ep evolving to suit su it your likings and taste. Happy reading.

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