Newspaper paywalls spread

Posted on October 31, 2012


TORONTO — Canada’s biggest newspaper by circulation, the Toronto Star, is preparing to launch a paywall for its website next year.

It’s the latest major Canadian newspaper to ask readers to pay for full access to online content with a digital subscription model.

Earlier this year, National Post owner Postmedia began unrolling its own paywall structure at dailies across the country. The Globe and Mail followed with a similar model last week.

Newspapers have been looking for new ways to drive revenues as more readers gravitate to their websites. The shift is eroding print advertising revenues in favour of less lucrative online ad sales.

The Toronto Star is owned by Torstar Corp., partial owner of The Canadian Press and publisher of other daily and community papers throughout Ontario.

Torstar reports its third-quarter earnings results on Wednesday.

Its announcement came as both the Wall Street Journal and New York Times pulled down their paywallstemporarily so that readers would have unlimited access to their coverage of superstorm Sandy.

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