The web helps newspaper publishers extend reach by 35% [infographic]

Posted on February 19, 2013


The latest infographic from the NRS illustrates how websites dramatically increase brand reach for publishers.  The data show that when website audiences are taken into account, overall magazine publishers extend their brand reach by 22% over the course of a month.  This is compared to the monthly audiences for print magazines alone.  The biggest gains are for the women’s monthly magazines, which register an audience extension of plus 44%.

For newspapers, brand reach increases by 35% over a month with the addition of website readers not already reading in print.  The biggest expansion is for the quality press with a boost of 68% from website reading.

The NRS PADD data also show how consumers are extending their repertoire of publisher content.  For instance the 28% of adults who visit newspaper websites visit 2.4 sites on average, in addition to any papers they already read in print.

NRS PADD fuses website estimates from UKOM, the industry standard online measurement system, with print estimates from NRS, enabling publishers to track their combined audiences
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