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The Subscription Project – Or A Paywall By Any Other Name – . J.Pattonj

February 21, 2013


Paywall. Even the name is debated so contentious is this subject in the news industry. The Pros and Cons of some form of online paid access for newspaper websites have been argued in such extremes that nuance and accuracy have been the first victims of the debate. The Columbia Journalism Review links paywalls to higher quality […]

Responding to Shirky on the Washington Post By Ryan Chittum

June 10, 2012


Thanks to Clay Shirky for responding to my piece on the financialization of the Washington Post Company, which during the financial crisis has handed more than a billion dollars back to shareholders via dividends and share buybacks while its newspaper crumbles. I’ve got a couple of thoughts in response. First, it’s seriously good news to […]

2012- The year of the newspaper paywall By Clay Shirky

February 24, 2012


By Clay Shirky – The views expressed are his own. This may be the year where newspapers finally drop the idea of treating all news as a product, and all readers as customers. One early sign of this shift was the 2010 launch of paywalls for the London Times and Sunday Times. These involved no new strategy; […]

John Paton to news execs: Abandon the gatekeeper model

February 21, 2012


If there was an Uncle Sam-style campaign to recruit media executives into the “digital first” movement, John Paton would probably win the role of poster boy in a landslide. Even before he became the CEO of the giant MediaNews Group chain, Paton was calling on the media industry to give up its attachment to print […]