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John Paton: “There will always be a bigger advertising pie than a subscription pie, always”

February 21, 2013


  Given the plethora of innovation in the news industry, it would an exciting time if it wasn’t for one pesky question: How are we going to foot the bill for digital journalism? John Paton, CEO of Digital First Mediaand seeker of the holy grail for a sustainable business model for the news industry, claims that the […]

Digital story-telling and the rise of the new publishers

May 28, 2012


In order to tell the story of Star Wars, George Lucas had to create a new technology company that was powerful enough to tell that story. The same thing has to happen in digital news publishing. That’s the conclusion of Jim Bankoff, CEO and Chairman of Vox Media, whose sites The Verge and SB Nation have […]

Don’t build a paywall, create a velvet rope instead – By Mathew Ingram

March 28, 2012


As the newspaper industry continues to flounder, paywalls and other subscription models are becoming more common, with everyone trying to imitate the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal. Is there any other other option to putting up a turnstile around the news? We’ve argued before that there are a number of options, and […]

The newsonomics of crossover

March 1, 2012


The signs are everywhere — the signs of crossover. We’re not there yet, but publishers are starting to sense that the time when their business models become more about digital and less about print gets closer every day. Since the web’s dawn, publishers have lived in a mainly print/somewhat digital world. We’re on the brink […]

Digital Content & Paywalls: How John Paton Has It Right…And Wrong

February 24, 2012


There’s been a lot of buzz lately about John Paton, the “old media” CEO of MediaNews Group who’s been giving fiery speeches of late about “stacking digital dimes against print dollars.” Most recently, he gave his usual stump speech, but added a commentary on getting rid of “crappy newspaper executives,” which has some good — […]

John Paton to news execs: Abandon the gatekeeper model

February 21, 2012


If there was an Uncle Sam-style campaign to recruit media executives into the “digital first” movement, John Paton would probably win the role of poster boy in a landslide. Even before he became the CEO of the giant MediaNews Group chain, Paton was calling on the media industry to give up its attachment to print […]

The newsonomics of the magic formula for 2012???? By Ken Doctor

December 28, 2011


There’s an algorithm out there, we can be sure. It’s got all the components of business success for news-creating companies, each value carefully computed and relational to the others. Yet, approaching 2012, the algorithm hasn’t been found. We have but shreds of numbers, beacons of numerals that portend models, but can’t prove them out. 2011 […]