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A war story, a Kindle Single, and hope for long-form journalism by Jenn Webb

January 6, 2012


by Jenn Webb | @JennWebb   Across the board, news organizations and publishers are struggling to find business models that let them stay afloat through the digital transformation. Journalists are a common casualty, with those who work in specialized areas encountering a market that’s particularly inhospitable. Marc Herman (@Marc_Herman_), a freelance journalist (notably for The Atlantic), is […]

The newsonomics of the digital cafeteria By Ken Doctor

December 28, 2011


Here’s how newspapers sell what they do to would-be readers. You can get the whole paper, now sometimes including digital access. We’ll sell you Sunday only, or the weekend, or 7-day, but you have to take our whole paper. That’s what we sell; that’s our one-size-fits-all product. It fit your grandparents and your parents, so […]

Alpha female of The New York Times

December 11, 2011


Jill Abramson is too busy to worry about her own appetite. She’s more concerned about other people’s appetites – specifically, her readers’ hunger for news. ANTHONY JENKINS/THE GLOBE AND MAIL It’s a concern that takes up all of her time now, just a couple of months into her new job as executive editor of The […]