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Independent Media and Dependent Media By Dean Starkman

August 11, 2013


No one in their right mind claims to know how this is all going to go, but all agree that the landmark purchase of The Washington Post by Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos ushers in a brave new world for the American press. Billionaire John Henry just bought the Boston Globe for a song and will fold it into his sports empire. The billionaire […]

Los Graham, los últimos de un club de editores

August 7, 2013


THE NEW YORK TIMES. – 07/08/13 Con la venta a Bezos, los Graham dejan a los Sulzberger, propietarios del The New York Times, como la última familia de un club que alguna vez comprendió a los Chandler (Los Angeles Times), los Copley (San Diego Tribune) o los Bancroft (Wall Street Journal). También llega a su fin […]

Hyperlocal: California newspaper defies industry wisdom to stay alive – and prospers

August 3, 2013


Conventional media wisdom posits several ways for a newspaper to commit suicide. It can drive up costs by multiplying staff and pagination. It can prioritise print over digital. It can erect a hard paywall to seal itself from the internet. Or, if you are the Orange County Register, you can do all three. TheCalifornia daily did so […]

Why US newspaper publishers favour paywalls

January 1, 2013


Paywalls are becoming increasingly prevalent at newspaper websites across the United States. Eleven of the country’s largest-selling 20newspapers are either charging for access or have announced plans to do so. They include America’s top four titles: the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times. Gannett, the largest US chain, expanded its paywall to almost all of […]

How paywalls affect social media efforts at 5 news sites by Mallary Jean Tenore

December 19, 2012


Several news sites have implemented paywalls in the past year, and the trend continues into 2012. The Los Angeles Times launched its paywall on Monday, and Gannett recently announced that all of its papers except for USA Today will be behind a paywall by the end of the year. As more news sites consider subscription […]

La edición digital de “The Economist” se dispara

November 21, 2012


“The Economist” ha confirmado recientemente la descarga  de más de 3 millones de aplicaciones para iOS y Android, lo que ha supuesto un 6% más en los beneficios del primer semestre de 2011 -en torno a los 26,2 millones de libras-. El número de visitas ha aumentado un 45%, hasta los 7 millones, desde Septiembre de […]

The (de-)evolution of newsroom training

October 24, 2012


by Susan Johnston As media outlets struggle for survival, many have reduced or eliminated staff training budgets. And with the increased demands of a 24/7 news cycle and expectations of multimedia reporting, journalists aren’t happy about it. In fact, a Knight Foundation survey released last month revealed that almost a quarter of the 660 active […]