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Why newspaper paywalls are still a bad idea

May 2, 2012


Media industry research shows that more and more newspapers are implementing paywalls, possibly inspired by the launch of a “metered” wall at the New York Times earlier this year. Frederic Filloux argues in a blog post at The Monday Note that the metered approach can have benefits for papers that implement it, by boosting revenue […]

10 Newspapers That Do It Right 2012

March 19, 2012


by: Kristina Ackermann This year, Editor & Publisher once again placed an open call for readers to submit their ideas, projects, and new ways of thinking that are helping them push through the difficult economic climate and put some dollars back in their wallets, and once again we were impressed with the results. Publishers from […]

The Future of Print Is … Print

March 19, 2012


by: Nu Yang Even though today’s reader wants to find the latest headlines immediately with just a click of a button, Britain’s satirical newspaper Private Eye has stuck by the phrase “hot off the press” for 50 years. The newspaper doesn’t publish online — if you want to read its content, you have to buy […]

the Future of Journalism Chapter 10 of 10: Journalist of the Future By Gerry Storch

February 29, 2012


  — Going the Tradigital Route — New Journos Better Be Versatile — Readers Become Part of the Show Let’s meet one … a journalist of the future, only she’s doing it right now. She’s Kirsten Miller, senior Web producer and interactive manager for Fox Chicago News. Are you ready? Here’s what she does. “Every […]

the Future of Journalism Chapter 9 of 10: Future of TV News By Gerry Storch

February 8, 2012


— Network News Going, Going But Not Gone — CNN Probably OK, Fox in Good Shape — But There’ll Always Be Local TV News   Both parts of TV news are changing hard and fast. The TV part … And the news part. You don’t even need a TV anymore to watch TV news as […]

the Future of Journalism Chapter 8 of 10: Future of Print Advertising By Gerry Storch

February 1, 2012


— Age of Trialogue: Narrowcasting, Not Broadcasting — The Customer Becomes Your Pal — Media Must Blend Print, Website Efforts   Talk about your world being turned upside-down … if you’re a print media ad person, that is … It used to be One-to-Many … one powerful advertiser sending a message to many quiet recipients. […]

Arianna Huffington : « Nous nous donnons deux ans pour être rentable en France »

January 27, 2012


« Le Huffington Post donne accès au meilleur du Web, grâce à des liens vers d’autres médias. » Vous lancez le Huffington Post en France sur un marché de l’information en ligne déjà bien encombré : comment allez-vous vous différencier ? Le Huffington Post, c’est une combinaison de contenus originaux , d’agrégation, de blogs et […]