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Alpha female of The New York Times

December 11, 2011


Jill Abramson is too busy to worry about her own appetite. She’s more concerned about other people’s appetites – specifically, her readers’ hunger for news. ANTHONY JENKINS/THE GLOBE AND MAIL It’s a concern that takes up all of her time now, just a couple of months into her new job as executive editor of The […]

Washington Post Co. Reports $6.2 Million Loss In Q3

November 15, 2011


The Washington Post had its fourth straight quarter of declining revenue, announcing a $6.2 million loss for the third quarter of 2011 on Friday. That is a steep reversal from the company’s 2010 third quarter earnings, which saw the Post make a $60.9 million profit. The Post Co. recently instituted a free trial period for […]

A Reading List for Future Journalists

November 13, 2011


For CJR’s fiftieth anniversary issue, we asked some of our favorite journalists, critics, and academics to help us compile a list of readings that would help the next generation of reporters become better observers, storytellers, and thinkers. Below, you’ll find the twenty respondents’ unabridged lists, presented in alphabetical order. A curated cumulative list can be […]

Less transformation please, more evolution

October 28, 2011


“Transformation implies for me a complete change – out with old, in with new. As leaders, I don’t think it’s an appropriate image to paint for our colleagues,” he says. “We see the current business as still capable of significant growth, with multimedia growing alongside the business and not replacing it,” he says. “Many newspapers […]