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Is the SF Chronicle the beginning of a paywall rollback trend?

August 14, 2013


Anyone who follows the newspaper industry has gotten pretty used to seeing the launch of new paywalls by now, as publishers try to fight the ongoing decline of their print advertising and circulation revenue. Tuesday saw a publisher move rather sharply in the opposite direction, however, when the San Francisco Chronicle effectively removed the wall […]

Can Aaron Kushner save the Orange County Register—and the newspaper industry? – By Ryan Chittum – CJR

August 11, 2013


Rob Curley, one of the more prominent digital journalists of the last decade, had just about had it with newspapers. Tired of laying people off and trading print dollars for digital dimes, he quit his job as chief content officer of the Las Vegas Sun last summer to take an executive job at a real-estate company. But […]

Hyperlocal: California newspaper defies industry wisdom to stay alive – and prospers

August 3, 2013


Conventional media wisdom posits several ways for a newspaper to commit suicide. It can drive up costs by multiplying staff and pagination. It can prioritise print over digital. It can erect a hard paywall to seal itself from the internet. Or, if you are the Orange County Register, you can do all three. TheCalifornia daily did so […]

Print’s financial future may last longer than expected, according to new reports

January 31, 2013


s this year begins, three notable reports share the same conclusion about the future of news: The path we are on is uncertain and debatable. But two of the three studies now see an extended economic shelf life for print, even as audiences swing digital and the search for viable digital news products continues. Exhibit A: Earl Wilkinson, the […]

digital first i`snt an option for media its the only way forward

October 10, 2012


verywhere you look in the traditional media industry, you can see signs of turmoil and disruption: to take just a few recent examples, the New York Times is fighting with its union over cutbacks to benefits, The Guardian is looking at forced layoffs to cut costs, and the Journal Register Co. recently filed for bankruptcy […]

The transition to digital journalism – Tablet

August 18, 2012


By 2010 and 2011 a number of sophisticated tablet computers were being produced, usually with color displays and/or wireless Internet connections for downloading up-to-date news and information. The new tablets include: Apple’s iPad announced in January 2010. The iPad quickly became the leading tablet computing device, and 25 million of the devices had been sold […]

Print’s salvation may be arriving at the weekend

May 13, 2012


Think a heavyweight edition on one day a week rather than strugglers stretched across six April’s ABC sales figures for national papers are black, black, black, with the quality dailies down 10% in a year and memories of royal wedding euphoria long gone. Those who see the end of print (though not quite what comes […]