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Nonprofit funding can’t solve our foreign-coverage problem

August 11, 2013


By David Conrad CJR Not long ago, some 20 news organizations decided which foreign news stories should be covered for the American audience. These outlets, from The New York Times and major television networks to regional dailies like The Miami Herald and The Boston Globe, had bureaus around the world and layers of experienced reporters and editors. Today, two nonprofits—the International Reporting […]

Disney and ABC, no USA Today paywall

December 3, 2012


By Ryan Chittum The investigative journalist Roddy Boyd has some excellent reporting on a multilevel marketing company (read: pyramid scheme) called ViSalus: ViSalus is a multilevel marketing company that promises ordinary folks a shot at financial success based solely on their skill at building a sales group that essentially draws on personal social circles: A […]

Is a city without a daily paper doomed—or fertile ground?

October 24, 2012


by Wilborn Nobles III  What happens to a city’s journalism—the actual news coverage, not the pensions of the reporters—when its flagship newsroom sinks? If we’re talking about New Orleans, where the much-honored and much-loved Times-Picayune has ceded its daily presence, the answer appears to be: competition and experimentation. New Orleans isn’t the first city to […]

Will the Daily Bugle survive? By Stephen B. Shepard

September 5, 2012


Excerpted from Deadlines and Disruption, by Stephen B. Shepard, published by McGraw-Hill, © 2012 With the traditional business model collapsing, several things become urgent if quality journalism is to survive. For the sake of simplicity, I’ll focus on newspapers because they still do most of the original reporting in America and because they are the […]

A computational journalism reading list

June 5, 2012


Originally published by Jonathan Stray on, 31 January 2011. This article is republished with permission.   There is something extraordinarily rich in the intersection of computer science and journalism. It feels like there’s a nascent field in the making, tied to the rise of the internet. The last few years have seen calls for a new […]

The Data Journalism Handbook: The Next Newsroom Staple?

June 5, 2012


Move over, the AP Stylebook. A new handbook is in town and there’s a good chance it will become a newsroom must-have. The Data Journalism Handbook launched this past weekend at the School of Data Journalism, based at the 2012 International Journalism Festival in Perugia. It is a one stop shop for reporters interested in […]

Google’s Richard Gingras: 8 questions that will help define the future of journalism

April 12, 2012


These are extraordinary times. These are exciting times. There has been tremendous disruption, but let’s consider the huge positives that underly that disruption. There are no longer the same barriers to publishing: everyone has a printing press, and there are no gatekeepers. There are new ways for people to both consume and share news. There […]