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Los quioscos digitales independientes Por Y. Aparicio

October 1, 2013


El duopolio de los quioscos digitales es compartido por Apple y Google. Pero ambos gigantes de la tecnología no son los únicos que han impulsado estas plataformas digitales. Hay una serie de pequeños quioscos independientes que proporcionan a los editores una vía para vender sus productos en red, al margen de ambas empresas. Uno de […]

Publishing Hears Echoes of Netflix Business Model

September 3, 2013


By JEFFREY A. TRACHTENBERG Offering unlimited television shows and music for a flat monthly fee has worked for Netflix Inc. and Spotify AB. Will it work in the book industry?   It is a question of intensifying debate in the publishing industry right now, as two digital startups plan launches of rival e-book subscription services […]

Is the SF Chronicle the beginning of a paywall rollback trend?

August 14, 2013


Anyone who follows the newspaper industry has gotten pretty used to seeing the launch of new paywalls by now, as publishers try to fight the ongoing decline of their print advertising and circulation revenue. Tuesday saw a publisher move rather sharply in the opposite direction, however, when the San Francisco Chronicle effectively removed the wall […]

SF Chronicle: Content Is No Longer Behind A Paywall

August 14, 2013


According to present and past San Francisco Chronicle staffers, the newspaper’s brief experiment in charging for at least part of their online content has ended only a few months after it began. However, the only official line from an SF Chronicle spokesperson is “no comment.” (Update 7:40 PM: The Chron has released a statement confirming that […]

take a coffee, read the NYTimes FREE

March 7, 2013


SUMMARY: News brands like the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal are turning to free Wi-Fi as a way to promote their content. In the lates example, Times readers can get 15 free stories a day while sitting in Starbucks.

The best in digital content what our reporters would buy with $100

December 12, 2012


Sure, there’s a lot of good free content out there, but there’s also some content that worth paying for. We gave our reporters $100 each and told them to spend away. This is what they bought. In the business we write about, there’s a schism between the people who believe you can build a business […]

What’s the best model for a digital news business?

September 5, 2012


Too often, conversations about the evolution of media seem to pit defensive, old-school journalists against arrogant, tech-savvy upstarts. But in late 2009, the factions combined forces in three well-funded, digital-first news organizations: The Chicago News Cooperative, the Bay Citizen (of San Francisco), and the Texas Tribune merged the possibilities opened up by new digital technology […]